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UCUK Ltd. have a wide range of those everyday truck spare parts that can often need replacing, any time of the year, without warning. Three common parts that are often lost or may need replacing regularly include mud flaps, spotlights and fuel caps for trucks, this article gives you some considerations you might want to take when doing so.

Truck spare parts online

Mud flaps for trucks

It’s common to think that mud flaps for trucks, are one of those spares you only need to worry about during the winter months, but if you have a mud flap missing you could be creating a serious safety hazard at any time of the year. The debris picked up from truck wheels can be big enough to cause damage if it comes loose at speed which is why it’s important to replace mud flaps as soon as they come loose and in rain showers you can make visibility impossible for any traffic that’s following.

Spotlights for trucks

Depending on your location and your needs, installing spotlights for trucks can be an important customisation to your vehicle. For those driving in highlands susceptible to bad fog or on poorly lit country roads, they can allow more visibility for oncoming traffic and define yourself better as a HGV and at the same time give you more visibility in dark conditions.

Fuel caps for trucks

Having reliable fuel caps for trucks can be vital to ensure that you get your load from A to B and even more so when considering the price of fuel and the risk of theft that arises from roadside rest stops. Having dependable locking fuel caps should be an essential for any long haul trucks or for fleets with outdoor storage. UCUK also stocks a range of non-locking oil caps and fuel caps for trucks.

For more information on replacing any truck spare parts contact one of our expert customer service advisors on +44(0)114 2611122 or fill out our online query form.

Posted: 21/07/2015 11:26:01

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